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Student News 02/19/2014

Milton C. First Division at Solo Contest

We want to congratulate Milton C. for getting a first division rating for his performance of the Hindemith Sonata for Trumpet and Piano.

Student News 10/05/2013

Elijah M. Makes First Chair at Region Jazz

We were just informed that Elijah M. has place first chair in the first band at All-Region Jazz for his region. Elijah has been one of our students since he was in sixth grade and is currently a Sophomore.

Congratulations Elijah. Keep up the good work!

Performance News 09/26/2013

Miss America Backing Tracks

For over five years Eddie Lewis has been recording backing tracks with Buzzy Smith for the Miss America pageant. This year one of the tracks he recorded made its way to Youtube. We hope you enjoy it.

Student News 09/25/2013

Milton C. Makes Third Chair at Region Jazz

We would like to congratulate one of our students, Milton C., for making third chair at the All-Region jazz auditions. Milton lives in the same region that has generated more than its share of the trumpet players at the All-state level. So it means a lot that he would place third in such a competitive environment.

Congratulations Milton!

Performance News 06/11/2013

South Africa Blog Posts

Gonubie Primary School with Eddie Lewis

We are beginning to post articles on the blog about our trip to South Africa. We invite you to go to the blog to read about our school outreach program, our ministry and other important and interesting things we did while we were visiting the African continent.

The blog is at eltigredo.com/blog. Feel free to leave comments. If you like the blog you can also subscribe while you are there.

Performance News 05/20/2013

Back From South Africa!

Eddie Lewis has returned from his South African - Eastern Cape Tour. Lessons are back on schedule and he has stories and new experiences to share over the next several months.

Please remember that we are offering trumpet or jazz lesson mini camps this summer. There are only a small number of spots open, so schedule your mini camp ASAP.

Student News 03/11/2013

Tyler H.
Solo Contest

Congratulations go out to Tyler H. who recently received a first division rating on his performance of Andante et Allegro by Ropartz. Tyler is a senior in high school.

Vintage Trumpet Treasures

Vintage Trumpet Treasures is a unique CD of turn of the century trumpet duets recorded by Eddie Lewis. You can read more indepth information about the CD at Mr. Lewis' blog at eltigredo.com/blog.


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